Central Vallarta: This area is west of the Highway and is commonly known as the “Ruta de los Cenotes”/ “Route to the Cenotes”. Here, you will find high jungle land that doesn’t have some of the flooding issues that lower lying areas can experience. This road is quite long, so depending on where the property is located, it can be anywhere from 5 -30 minutes driving time to Downtown Puerto Morelos.

Colonia: This area is located west of the Highway. It is where you’ll find many locals living, along with the various shops, restaurants, markets, and services for the town of Puerto Morelos. Many expats find this area to be an authentic and affordable option, while still being a short drive or bus ride to Downtown Puerto Morelos.

Downtown:  This area is on the east side of the Highway and is what is most familiar to tourists of Puerto Morelos. At its widest, it is 3 blocks deep from the beach. Any property in this area is close to the beach and is walking distance to the Town Square (maximum 10 minute walk). Residential homes are found in this area, along with the Town Square and many of Puerto Morelos’s restaurants and shops. Properties in this neighborhood will be located between the Commercial Shipping Pier (south of the Town Square) and Hotel Desire. Public beach accesses in this neighborhood are plentiful and the beaches are groomed by the town of Puerto Morelos regularly.

North Area: Heading north from the Town Square, this area begins at Hotel Desire and continues to the end of Puerto Morelos, approx. 5 km from downtown. This area is 2 blocks deep and feathers out to a single row of beachfront properties. It is primarily residential, with a few resort hotels. The privacy and tranquility of this area, along with its natural beaches entice many return guests.  All properties in this area will be close to the beach. If you decide not to rent a car, Guests enjoy walking the beach to town, using taxis, or renting bicycles.

Pescadores: This neighborhood is located just east of the Highway, between the highway and mangrove. If you have ever driven into Downtown Puerto Morelos, you will notice that there is a baseball diamond and soccer field on your left. The neighborhood behind this park is known as “Pescadores”.

South Area: Going south from the Town Square, this area begins at the commercial shipping pier and continues until the limits Puerto Morelos (and the northern border of Playa del Secreto). This is a growing area of Puerto Morelos, but is enjoyed by many of our guests for its tranquil, natural beaches.

Zona Urbana: This area is west of the highway. It is a rural section of Puerto Morelos that is west of the “Colonia” limits. The roads are sascab dirt and the properties are large – much larger than you will find in more urban areas of Puerto Morelos. Properties in this area enjoy natural flora and fauna. Its natural beauty, proximity to town, the spaciousness that it offers, and its affordability have attracted locals and expats alike.